Teach YOUR Child to Read with Phonics in 6 Steps

Easy Online Phonics Program for Kids Ages 3-6

WATCH: 6 Steps to Reading with Phonics

Teach Your Child to Read is a 6-STEP online phonics program that makes teaching reading easy for you and fun for your child.

​Designed for you and your child to spend time together, the program is 100% interactive—no planting your child in front of a screen. Watch the video to find out how it works!

Our phonics program will guide you.

You don’t need to know how to teach phonics—or reading, for that matter. You will be guided by the program every step of the way.

Only 5 minutes a day.

You’re busy and your child might have short attention span. That’s why each lesson takes 5 minutes or less.

Teach your child to read in 6 steps.

We keep it simple for you. With 6 easy steps, you will be amazed at how easy it is to teach your child to read with phonics.

Teach your child to read in 5 minutes a day.

Teach Your Child to Read is the simplest, most nurturing online phonics program you will find. Our gentle, child-centered approach will make you feel good every time you sit down to teach your child to read.

“Our youngest daughter was three when we started her on the program. By the time she started kindergarten, she was reading on a second-grade level.”

—Gary E., DDS

“I was impressed with the simplicity of the initial instructions of how the program works. As a working mother, it’s hard to find enough quality time with your children, so with just 5 minutes a day, this is such an easy exercise to incorporate into their routine.”

—Monica D., engineering project manager

“I just want to say thanks a million times for my daughter’s success in reading English. She is #1 in her class in kindergarten.”

—Bhupendra A.

“I have introduced [the program] to my four-year-old son and I am amazed at the progress he has made already.”

—Debbie N., Preschool Teacher

“I’m thrilled I have this program to help my daughter learn to read and take charge of my children’s education…we are far enough along that I can see results and certainly see that it works.”

—Kathy B.

“I wish I had started with this great program a year ago. Mary Follin’s uncomplicated approach rapidly develops a child’s reading confidence.”

—Clarence H., Journalist

Learn more about the reading program and how it works!

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Free Guide: Can I Teach My Child to Read?

Many parents feel unsure about teaching their children to read, especially with phonics. Teaching phonics is much easier than you might think! Take a look at this free guide to give you insights about how to feel more confident.

Your FREE Parent’s Guide contains:

  • An introduction to teaching your child to read
  • What’s going on with phonics?
  • Tips for making it easy
  • Answers the question: Can I really teach my child to read? (Spoiler alert: The answer is YES!)

​You are exactly the right person to teach your child to read!

Message from the Founder:

All parents want their children to learn to read. I know I did! That’s why I taught my (now grown) children to read at home, before they started school. This early start gave each of them the confidence they needed to be good students and lifelong readers.

As a former systems engineer, I wrote software manuals that made complex systems easy to use. I knew I could develop an online program that would show you how to teach your child to read—and make it easy, too—which is how Teach Your Child to Read was born.
Too often, children miss the short window where learning to read comes naturally, but with this simple program, you can make sure your child learns to read at just the right age. Our program will help you take charge of your child’s education, but more than that, your child will always remember the special time you spend together. (You will, too!)

Since you’re the best one to decide which program is right for your family, we encourage you to take advantage of our 7-day free trial. Even after a single lesson, you’ll see how easy it is to use, and you’ll have no doubt you CAN teach your child to read. (You can watch a sample lesson here.) By step 2, your child will be sounding out short words. (Yes, it really does happen that fast!) And don’t worry, my voice will be there to guide you every step of the way.

I look forward to taking this journey together with you and your child!
Warm Regards,
Mary Follin,
Founder and Developer

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